Data & Resources

To anticipate future travel demand in Washington County, the Dixie MPO uses data on population projections, current land-use plans, existing roadway networks, transit services, and active transportation facilities. The data is input into a computer-based travel demand model that then provides travel demand outputs to aid in the transportation planning process.

Population projections are provided to the Dixie MPO by the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development. That Office relies heavily on the work of the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute at the University of Utah to project population levels moving forward.

Utah Population Growth Projections

The MPO also relies on individual city and county master plans (links below) to define current land-use plans and forecast potential population densities throughout the plan horizon. Currently, the MPO is working on updating the 2015-2040 Regional Transportation Plan. The new plan horizons will be 2019-2050.

Hurricane City Planning and Zoning

Ivins City Building and Zoning

LaVerkin Zoning Map, and LaVerkin General Plan

Leeds General Plan

St. George Planning & Zoning Maps

Santa Clara Building, Planning, and Zoning

Toquerville City General Plan

Washington City General Plan

Washington County General Plan and Maps