Amendment #2 — 2015-2040 Dixie MPO Regional Transportation Plan

The Dixie Metropolitan Planning Organization (Dixie MPO) adopted Amendment # 2 to the 2015-2040 Dixie MPO Regional Transportation Plan in March 2018. The Plan (established in 2015) identifies transportation projects needed over the next 25 years in the St. George Urbanized Area and the Hurricane Urbanizing Area.

The City of St. George formally requested in January 2018 that two regionally-significant projects be added to the 2015-2040 Dixie MPO Regional Transportation Plan.

Washington City also requested an amendment to the Plan due to traffic demand changes anticipated in the city’s Green Springs area due to a shift in residential development.

After a detailed analysis of these requests and careful consideration by the Dixie MPO Executive Commission, the following amendments to the 2015-2040 Dixie MPO Regional Transportation Plan are proposed:

  1. Revise cost estimates within Phase 1 of the Plan to reflect actual costs of completed projects and current engineer estimates
  2. Add a Phase 1 project: 100 South Underpass at I-15 in St. George
  3. Add a Phase 2 project: 700 South Underpass at I-15 in St. George
  4. Split Phase 1 Project #56  (Northern Washington Parkway Corridor, Red Hills Parkway to MP 13 – Environmental) into two separate projects with revised cost estimates:
    1. Project #56.a.: Washington Parkway (Green Springs to I-15 Exit 13) – Widening and New Construction – $7,000,000
    2. Project #56.b.: Northern Corridor (Red Hills Parkway to Washington Parkway) Environmental and Right-of-Way Acquisition – $4,000,000

The need for the two St. George underpass widening projects (100 South and 700 South) are discussed in a detailed memo. The Executive Commission determined that the projects could be added to Phase 1 (100 South) and Phase 2 (700 South) of the RTP.

Splitting the Washington Parkway project (Phase 1, Project 56) into two separate sections is required to accommodate the different environments of the two sections.

Housing developments in the north Green Springs area of Washington City will require an access roadway from north Green Springs to I-15’s Exit 13 to immediately relieve traffic demands at I-15’s Exit 10 and serve to reduce congestion throughout the Green Springs area. Washington City recently acquired the road right-of-way from property owners in this section, identified funds to build the project, and are ready to move forward with the projects section that is currently on Washington City’s Master Transportation Plan.

The Northern Corridor from Red Hills Parkway (Green Springs are) to Washington Parkway, must still undergo an environmental study phase to determine the least impactful alignment for a roadway. Therefore this section of roadway must remain in “Environmental Study and Right-of-Way Acquisition” status in Phase 1.

The Amendments are highlighted in yellow here.