Vision Dixie

Vision Dixie Process

Vision Dixie is a local process that will be guided by the County residents’ vision of Washington County’s future.  The purpose of Vision Dixie is to create a long-term vision that will ensure a high quality of life in Washington County for years to come.

Vision Dixie has done this by engaging the citizens of Washington County in a facilitated conversation about growth, gathering their ideas, employing sound data and scenario analysis, and outlining publicly supported principles to guide future land use and transportation decisions.

The next step in this on-going process is implementation of the identified “vision” which will occur primarily at the local level.

For information on Vision Dixie, please visit the Vision Dixie web site that has been developed for the Vision Dixie process.  Please note that this is an external link and is not part of the Dixie MPO web site.

Please click on the link below to visit the official web site of Vision Dixie:

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